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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

Dot. by Randi Zuckerberg, illustrated by Joe Berger is full of exuberance.  I saw the back cover first and that was my first thought. Then I noticed that Dot was holding a tablet, a techy tablet.  Hmmmm, interesting.  And from there the pace never slowed.  It's full of life, talk, and expression. Dot is like every other child, likes to play on the computer, talk, and watch videos.  When she's all talked out, she is sent outside to re-boot.
Outside with all her friends we see plants, has fun running, and enjoying the outdoors. I really like how the author and illustrator show that you can swipe with a tablet and with art.  You can search online but also while playing tag.  You can share experience by facetime or with your pet.  The message is balance.  I love it.
The artist used traditional media and Photoshop to create the illustrations for this books.  I emailed Joe to see if he could tell me a little more about how he does his art.  This is what he had to say, "My method for producing the artwork in Dot is the same as almost all my work - all the drawing is done on paper, using a combination of pen, brush pen, pencil and chinagraph. I then scan in the artwork and colour behind the line using Photoshop. I also use Photoshop to colour parts of the existing line and shapes."
I used Dot. with a small group of preschoolers and they LOVED it!  It held their interest and it lead us to discuss several tech terms like swipe, facetime, tweet, and keyboard. I'll use this with children preschool to 3rd grade.

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