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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorite

Hippos Can't Swim and other fun facts by Laura Lyn DiSiena and Hannah Eliot, illustrated by Pete Oswald is full of lively humor and silly art. It contains facts here and there and presents the information in a bright, friendly manner.  I can't imagine any child being turned off by this informational text.  There is no bibliography of resources and the librarian in me really wants this, but I will definitely recommend this book to children to get them interested in a fact-based book.  
Each page has information paired with a comical picture.  This just adds to the delight of this book.  There is another title in this series of "Did You Know" called Chickens Don't Fly and two more are expected out later this year: Rainbows Never End and Trains Can Float.
The art is cartoon charming and it's no surprise that Pete Oswald has an animation background.

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