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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

Fix This Mess! by Tedd Arnold is a possible Geisel Award contender.  Jake has bought a 'Robug', which seems a lot like a Roomba. The letters stand for: R - remote, O - operating; B - basic; U - utility; and G - gizmo, so it's really R.O.B.U.G. It claims to clean your house.
Jake is having a little bit of trouble with the Robug.  The Robug takes the mess from one area and cleans it but it ends up in the next area, even messier.  Kinda like when I was supposed to clean my room but it all got swept under the bed or into the closet. 
The format of the book is like a picture book, not the standard early reader size, but there is limited vocabulary and quite a bit of repetition.  The pictures have a ton of great stuff to look at.  And the pictures do show more going on than the words imply in text.  The artwork was created on a Wacom Cintiq monitor using Photoshop.  
I'll use this title in Storytime (yeah on the bigger picture format) or recommend it to children and parents to practice reading, and get a laugh! Children will moan and giggle at the ending.
Go to Tedd Arnold's website, here, to see how he does his illustrations.

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