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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

The Fox in the Library by Lorenz Pauli, illustrated by Kathrin Scharer is an amusing story about fox who learns how to read and what a library is all about.  He chases after a mouse, decides to eat a chicken instead, then brings the chicken into the library and almost gets caught in the library by the farmer.  Although fox must end up eating something else, he does find a liking for books.  And children will learn that you have to check things out, bring it back in good condition, and of course, get more books.
"Schärer uses a collage technique to create her animal characters. First she selects a muted shaded paper and then works into the cutout shape of the animal with ink and colored pencils to create a fully textured individual. The backgrounds are created using soft crayons and wax; occasionally watercolors are applied in broad washes. The results retain their three-dimensional element and tactile appeal," from an online source, Project Muse, here.

I'll use this story with preschoolers to second graders.

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