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Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

Buddy and the Bunnies in: Don't Play with Your Food! an official Bob Shea story is full of exuberance!  Buddy, our monster in the story, is going to eat the cute cuddly bunnies.  He's running amok and shouting at everything, like the sun and trees and mountains.  Then he sees the bunnies.  There are three of them and they quickly deter him with cupcake making.  The next day is swimming, then the carnival.  Every time the bunnies think of something else to do besides get eaten and if you're paying close attention, the bunnies are multiplying.
This wonder story has equally wonderful art. The art is digitally done and it's fun, playful and so full of life that you'd swear that monster might jump off the page.
I'll use this in Storytime and with preschoolers and anyone who loves fun stories.

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