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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

Cinderelephant by Emma Dodds is a wonderfully wacky version of Cinderella with an elephant.  There's no step-mother, but mostly all the rest of the story is similar except it's been updated a bit.  There's a limo instead of a carriage, and a furry godmouse.  
Don't miss the 'but' pun as Cinderelephant is getting into the limo, it's hilarious.  Kids will love this new addition to the list of Cinderella variants.
The illustrations were created digitally and are bright, fun, full of great textures, and several pages have some very good contrasts.
I'll use this with preschoolers to third graders, but I predict that some of the puns might be lost on the preschoolers.  You never know.  This title is just another good ole plain silly story, I can't wait to encourage kids and parents to read.

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