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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays

Little Chicken Duck by Tim Beiser, illustrated by Bill Slavin is a rhyming story about a scared little duckling.  She's 'chicken' so a friendly frog brings together many more birds to tell their woes of being afraid when they were young.  Little Ducky plucks up her courage and tries out the water.  The last refrain has a cute little surprise when frog reveals what he was frightened of when just a tadpole.
The colors are bright and bold pond colors.  The artist used acrylic paints on gessoed paper.  The gesso is a hardening plaster or cement like treatment to brush on paper and then let it dry.  It really adds to the texturing of the illustrations.  I've used watercolors on gessoed paper, but not acrylics.  For watercolors, it changes how the paint dries and lays, besides adding texture.
This title will be a good addition for lists for parents and teachers on helping children curb their fears. I could see using this in a classroom for Kindergarten through 2nd grade and have children take this concept further by writing about another animal and what they might have been afraid of when they were little.  For example, maybe a bear, when a cub, was afraid of bees.  It would take some background knowledge of the animal they pick, and the children could add to that knowledge by researching for more information.  

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