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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

Building Our House by Jonathan Bean is an old-fashioned made book. 
Using watercolors, pen & ink, and Arches paper, the illustrations are crisp, and detailed depicting the life of his mother and father and the time that they built their house.  The story is told from his older sister's viewpoint and there is an Author's Note and photographs from the project, when Jonathan was a toddler.
The story is told not only with word details, using some truisms like "strong lumber for a strong frame" but with illustration details showing the work the adults do and how the children help or stay occupied. We follow the building of this house from the very beginning to their very first night in their new home.  If you go over to Jonathan's Blog, here, you'll find more information One interesting fact is that when "Building Our House" was released, they had an open house at the actual house.  That is too cool.
I'll use this with primary grades, 1st & 2nd to intermediate ages, 3rd & 4th grade.  It's also a great example for teachers and parents of the many steps a project like this has.  It could be used to introduce a topic using narrative skills or encourage students to take their time on multiple step projects in school.

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