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Monday, January 13, 2014

New Books Monday

Come Back, Moon by David Kherdian, illustrated by Nonny Hogrogian is a lovely story.  Bear stole the moon because it kept him awake.  When the other forest animals found out, crow tells bear a story so he'll fall asleep and then the animals put the moon back in the sky.
It sounds like a native North American story.  It's easy to understand and the illustrations are soft and calm. The art for this book was rendered in watercolor and pencil.
I'll use this with a preschool Storytime and with Kindergarteners and First graders.  It would be a fun discussion with older elementary students to talk about how native peoples would tell stories to explain unknown phenomenon. For example, during the new moon phase, they might have made up this story. Then let the students decide to make up a story to explain, thunder or rainbows, or a blizzard.  Could be lots of fun!

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