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Friday, January 10, 2014

Frightful Friday

Boom! Big, Big Thunder & One Small Dog by Mary Lyn Ray, illustrated by Steven Salerno is about Rosie, the cutest little dog.  She wasn't afraid of anything, until there's a thunder storm.  And where could she hide? The boy helped her stay safe, and when the storm was gone, she was brave again.
The illustrations are reminiscent of art from the 50's and 60's.  I love the colors, the movement, and perspectives.  Some of my favorite pages are the one with Rosie taking a bath, where the green grass background looks like it was painted with a scrub brush. Another is popcorn bursting almost out of the book.  The illustrations seem to be done in mixed media, using acrylics, colored pencil or crayons, and digital manipulation.
This title will go over well in Storytime or the Kindergarten to Second grade students, too. Using fear in Background Knowledge, whether a child has a pet or their own fear, this will be a great story to add.

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