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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

I adore these three books from Guido Van Genechten: Guess Who? Guess What? and Guess Where? Starting with Guess Who? You see an animal and it asks,"Who has a nose as long as a snake?" and then you open the flap and see the snake becomes an elephant.  It goes on like that with seven other animals.  
Guess Where? follows along but it takes the original animal further.  For example, "Guess where the squirrel hides nuts for winter? Under a bunch of fallen leaves."  
Guess What? goes on in a similar way, it begins with an item, a paintbrush, a mushroom and then it becomes an animal.  
I adore these books because they can catch the attention of a rowdy bunch of children in a Storytime and get them interested in the books. Now there are a ton of books out there that do this, but the kids I had were so intrigued by the Guess Who? book, that it was like this group had morphed into another whole new group.  They love the interaction and that I waited for them to get an idea.  This book helped me get across to the children how we need to think while we're reading.  We practiced thinking the answer and not saying it yet.  Self-control is a very important skill to learn for a growing child.  These books would lend themselves very well for use with the Every Child Ready to Read, Sing! Talk! Read! Play! and Write!

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