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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Variants

Tiny Tilda's Pumpkin Pie by Susan Kantor, illustrated by Rick Brown is a version of  "The Little Red Hen" folktale.

Once upon a time, Tiny Tilda lived in a small house with her three selfish sisters, Hilda, Gilda, and Wilda. Tilda did all the chores and all the work around the house . . . but great things come to patient, determined hippos, as Tilda discovers with the help of a small pumpkin seed! Hilarious illustrations highlight the laziness of the three sisters as Tilda plants, tends, harvests, and bakes, ending up with the most amazing pumpkin pie any hippo has ever seen! A charming story perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or anytime you feel like pumpkin pie. . . .

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