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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Community Soup by Alma Fullerton is full of chunks of real stuff, and paint.  It's a story about making soup together, a little like Stone Soup, but the goats get in the garden, so there is a bit of a tie-in to a nursery rhyme, and a recipe at the end.
The mixed media collage is so fun to pour over.  The story is fun and lively, but the art draws you in to look closer and see what may be - that leave, hmm, it looks like a silk leaf.  The ground and dirt look like real ground or dirt, the trees look like they have been scratched in to plaster.  The painted faces of children are precious.  I'll use this with Storytime preschoolers up to second or third grade.  This book is part of the Creation of Hope project, find it's blog here.

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