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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

Good News, Bad News by Jeff Mack is so hilarious.  You have Good News - Rabbit and Bad News - Mouse (he actually looks more like a rat to me, but that doesn't distract from the silly story).  They start off with good news, going on a picnic, but then it rains - bad news.  And it continues until Mouse can't stand anymore and yells bad, bad, Bad, BAD news and rabbit cries.  These two friends make up, but the whole story just cracks me up.  I like Jeff Mack's AH HA so much a couple of weeks ago, I asked for this title becuase I hadn't seen it yet. It did not disappoint.
The illustrations in this book were rended in mixed media.  They are full of great shadows and the colors play along with the optimistic outlook and the pessimistic one too. I especially love the page where the worm gives Mouse a raspberry and when Mouse, Rabbit, and Bear are hit by lightning.  This lively romp will be so much fun to use in Storytime.  I'd also use it with Kindergarten to Second grade students. 

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