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Monday, December 23, 2013

New Books Monday

Lion Vs. Rabbit by Alex Latimer is such an amusing, trickster story.  Of course the one doing the tricking is Rabbit.  Lion is a bully and the other animals won't stand up to him so they advertise.  A bear, a moose, and a tiger answer the ad, but lion beats them all.  Then rabbit shows up and things change.  Lion is losing all over the place.  I won't give away the secret of why rabbit wins, just rest assured you'll love it too!
The illustrations were created as pencil drawings, digitized, then finished with color and texture.  They are terrifically cartoony and kids will love this story. Because who doesn't like it when the bully gets beaten, again, and again, and again?  I'll use this with Kindergarten and older children.  They'll appreciate the bully theme and the outcome.  I like on the front cover how the word 'LION' looks like it has claws and teeth on each letter.  Makes me even more afraid of Lion.

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