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Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Favorites

How To Be A Cat by Nikki McClure is as frolicking fun as a kitten.  In this story we follow an adult cat teaching the kitten how to be a cat.  There is a word or two on each page indicating how the cat is moving or what it is doing.  The kitten follows along mimicking the adult.  I love the black and white contrast of the art.
The artwork was cut from black paper. Color was added digitally.  The only other color is a light blue for the butterfly and a word now and then.
I'll use this in Storytime, it's the perfect book to use with my very toddler, active group.  This book is also a great story to use one-on-one with a child and ask them open-ended questions.  Since there is a lot more going on than the one word, children can be draw into the story by asking them questions about what is happening, what will happen next, or expanding on what they say by saying, "why are they scratching?" or "what are they listening for?"  
I find it quite interesting that we never see the adult cat's eyes.  Hmmm, makes you wonder why the artist chose to do that.  Anyone else have any ideas?

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