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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Here I Am story by Patti Kim, pictures by Sonia S├ínchez is simply amazing.  I find it hard to imagine that someone with a story like this can be interpreted by someone else.  There is an author and an illustrator and very few words.  Mostly letters, backwards signs, symbols and confusion.  This story is the transition of one family, one child to living in a new world.
The illustrations in this book were created with both traditiional and digital mediums.  With a very 'graphic novel' style, the pictures are expressive, full of feeling.  They grab you and there is almost a hypnotic tug to keep you turning the page. Where is this going?  What will happen?  I have to know.
I will use this to promote to teachers and parents, especially since I work in a high poverty and immigrant area.  At the public school closest to me the minority of children, 38%, are Burmese.  They have lived this story.  And this is one more excellent chance to make a connection, to reach out and try to help them acclimate to their new world. 

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