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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

What Noise Does a Rabbit Make? by Carrie Weston, illustrated by Richard Byrne is an endearing book with darling, warm, fuzzy art.  

Raggety-Taggle wonders, after hearing all the noises from other animals, what noise bunnies make.  He thumps with his foot and a cat pounces, and Raggety-Taggle runs back through the farm and a chase has begun.  I love the ending and the conclusion that Raggety-Taggle makes.
The art appears to be mixed media, maybe crayons, pastels, watercolors, and digital manipulation, but I'm not sure.  It could have all been done digitally, too.  Hopefully I'll hear from the artist in time for this post.
I love the art. It is kid friendly, expressive, and uses white space really well.  I especially like the pages that are full-spread, full color, bright and exciting.  When he switches to pops of scenes on white pages, that's when the story and the noises go trotting about.  The two-page spread where the animals, except for Raggety-Taggle, are piled up from the chase is hilarious.  The expressions on the animals' faces says it all.
I will use this book with 3 year-olds and older to about Kindergarten or 1st grade.  Maybe some 2 year-olds could handle the length.  

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