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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Big Chomp by Heather Brown is a board book, but it's also a great picture book.  It combines and selects animals from Brown's other two books, Chomp! and Chomp Zoo! into this one title. This title does not have any of the movement from the previous two titles.

The artist drew detailed graphite illustrations and then painted multiple acrylic paint swatches. After scanning all of the artwork she compiled the final images in Photoshop. 

I will use this in my Storytime because I have a ton of toddlers this year.  I'll use it when the parent and child are sharing a book. I'll read it aloud and they can read it together at the same time.

This is a book that can really encourage parents and children to focus on vocabulary and talk about all the different ways an animal uses its mouth.  This book is useful in background knowledge because we all have a mouth, so children can understand the concept and make a connection to the text right away.  You could use small mirrors so each child could look at their mouth and compare them to the animal in the book.  

I see this book being a jumping off point to compare noses, eyes, ears, and anything the child wants to contrast.  It is very lifelike in the artwork and that appeals to children.

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