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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Everything Goes by Sea by Brian Biggs is in the Throwback Thursday blog because it reminds me of the old Richard Scarry books.  That statement is meant to be one of appreciation.  I have some gender issues with most of the Richard Scarry books.
There is a story, about Henry and his family going on vacation, but there is also tons of opportunities to work on your child's vocabulary.  Children that love to learn will love this book.  There are talk balloons for Henry, Mom, and Dad.  I truly love how they are modeling how a family, going on vacation, can bring educational information into the outing.
The artist used tiny paintbrushes, India ink, and digital color to create the illustrations for this book. You can go to his website and click on News, and find out about his process.  I'm grateful that artist's share their ideas on websites and blogs.  It fascinates me to find out how different artists' process develops.
This title could be used with preschoolers to fourth graders, depending on how they're using the book.  It has tons of vocabulary, a storyline, and just plain entertaining pictures.  If you have a three year-old that loves stuff that go, she would be pouring over these pictures for hours, or as long as her attention span is.  With older children, it could be a great segue into books with more information and report ready.

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