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Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Favorites

Little Burro by Jim Arnosky is a favorite already because I just simply love Jim Arnosky's work.  This title is done with acrylic paints with white chalk.  It's a story about a burro, she's born in a canyon and follows her journey to and from the lake during the day.  If a toddler was a burro, this would be it's story.  The little burro is so cute and doesn't want to leave the familiar, but when it's time to travel back, she doesn't want to leave the lake either and it becomes her second favorite place.  There are a little pair of birds as her companions besides the band of burros she lives with.  There is an author's note in the back about burros and Arnosky's thoughts on capturing the spirit of Little Burro.  One thing I love about Arnosky is you can tell that he loves nature and animals.  He puts so much detail into his work.  And although it's a picture book, it is an accurate portrayal of a wild band of burros that do live in the southwest.

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