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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Variants

The Little "READ" Hen by Dianne de Las Casas, illustrated by Holly Stone-Barker is cut paper joy. 
Twisting The Little Red Hen folktale to fit the premise of researching and writing a story, de Las Casas and Stone-Barker have done an outstanding job of mixing up this folktale in a fun way for young writers.  They use brainstorming, proofing, editing, and sharing the story, also.  What a nifty way to introduce this non-fiction topic of writing.  I can see using this in second to fifth grade. 
I especially love the spread where they are in the Barnyard Bookstore and you see chickenized classic books - like - 'Pat the Rooster,' 'Chicken, Chicken Boom, Boom,' and 'Don't Let the Chicken Drive the Tractor!' There are so many puns in this title, they make it richer in humor and silliness.

I encourage parents and teachers to check out Stone-Barker's Blog to find activities to use this book.  Having coloring sheets, bookmarks, puppets, and more to enhance a story with children helps them remember the story, find ways to act out the story, and extend the story beyond the classroom.

On her site, Holly shares how she uses textured and hand-painted paper to create her designs.  On her Bio page she explains how she came about her unique way of using color, texture, and design from meeting Peggy Parish, traveling with parents, and being exposed to Matisse on a trip to the Smithsonian.

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