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Monday, September 23, 2013

New Books Monday

Hello, My Name is Ruby by Philip C. Stead is so alive!  The different kinds of birds are luminescent.  Ruby is a small yellow bird the reminds me of his book:  A Home For Bird.  

There is chalk pastel, colored pencils, and colored ink in the illustrations.  I'm intrigued by the artistic process; you can read and see Philip's process here. I was inspired by Philip when he shared what he does when he gets stuck.  The illustrations do homage to Richard Scarry, Leo Lionni, and a stamp that helped him take the next step in his process.

This title is about curiosity, about friendship, and life.  Sometimes you are open to all there is in life, then someone says, "No, thank you," to being a friend, but then other good things happen and it's good, it's all good! 

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