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Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Favorites

The Mitten retold by Jim Aylesworth, illustrated by Barbara McClintock is the most current version of this story.  

The artwork was created with ink, gouache, and watercolor.  
In this variant, the mitten is red and knitted by grandma.  The forest animals want to get out of the cold and squeeze into the mitten. First a squirrel, then a rabbit, fox, bear, and a little mouse.
I love when the bear tries to squeeze in, all the other animals look like they are getting squished.  
I also like that in this version, the mitten bursts apart.  It's just a huge mess with pieces of red yarn all over. The 2 page spread where the little boy and grandma find the burst mitten is great, there is the mess of yarn, but different sized paw prints all over, too.
I would use this every year to read with PreK to 2nd graders.  I have a huge fleece mitten and after reading a version or two, we get a bunch of kids in the mitten and act out the story.
Kids love acting out this story, it never gets old. Teachers can use this to read different versions of similar tales and have older primary children make their own version to retell.

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