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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Going to Market

The Market Bowl by Jim Averbeck is an engaging story about patience.  
The illustrations were done in acrylic paint and printed papers, then scanned and assembled in Photoshop.
The people are expressive and the clothing designs are wonderful.  
The story is about Yoyo who does not want to take the time to make the Cameroon Bitterleaf Stew slowly and well.  She learns her lesson and takes her time.  It reads like a folktale and has a pronunciation guide in the front with an author's note and recipe at the back.
The author/illustrator, Jim Averbeck tells his about his time as a volunteer in Cameroon, here.
I would use this with students in Kindergarten to Third grade.  Using compare and contrast, this title would work well when discussing how people do every day things differently.  I would also compare it to a market or festival in the U.S. and the food trucks that children might be used to seeing at those venues.

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