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Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites

Africa Calling, Nighttime Falling by Daniel Adlerman, illustrated by Kimberly M. Adlerman is a visual feast.  
In illustrating this book, the artist first painted a base plate in watercolors. On top of that she applied varying layers of painted figures in conjunction with leaves, dried flowers, rocks and stones, herbs and spices, and twine. To create the dimensionality, objects were placed at different distance from the base plate.  Transparencies were then created from the original art, color separated, and reproduced in four color process.
The rhyming text and lullaby style goes along with a bedtime story.  At the end you see that a little girl is playing with African animals on her bed and imaging the African landscape.  
I use this in preschool storytime, but would recommend it to parents for a bedtime story, also.

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