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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Informational Text

If you love anything on real information, Whose Egg? by Lynette Evans, illustrated by Guy Troughton is the perfect book.  There is a short verse that describes the animal and it has flaps to lift, to reveal what animal hatched out of the egg.  
This book has watercolor pictures that are amazingly realistic.  They will appeal to younger children, preschool age and up.  It's an outstanding book to share with parent and child, or with a group of children. 
This has good text and super illustrations for those children that want to work on finding clues to the text from the pictures.  
P.S. teachers - this is a STEM book.  I will use this with my "Chickens Aren't the Only Ones" school-age program next year.  I love to have kids guess what animal will hatch out of that egg.  It's a stimulating topic for Kindergarteners - Third graders.
The artist, Guy Troughton has an interesting website here. It's totally geared to his art, not as a children's book illustrator, but still interesting and you can get lost in this wonderful, Australian artist.

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