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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Style, Color, and Photography

The Other Colors: an ABC Book, photography by Ann Cutting, design & alliteration by Valerie Gates is rich in vocabulary.  Using imagination, alliteration, and some stage setting, Cutting and Gates have made a truly amazing color book.
You have to read this and see it for yourself to really appreciate it.  The colors are vibrant and the alliteration is tongue-tying.
I'm sure you'll find a favorite, I did.  Actually I have several favorites:  G for Gamboge, (in watercolor paints, Windsor Newton's New Gamboge is one of my all-time favorites), R for Razzamatazz is clever, and W for Wisteria is a whopper!
It will make you go to the paint section and look for new names for colors, or to the closest crayon box!

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