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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Celebrate Nature

With National Arbor Day just around the corner, April 26th, this new book -Forest, What Would You Like?  by Irene O'Garden, illustrated by Pat Schories is perfect to inspire you and your child to learn more.

Author, Irene O'Garden asked four hundred students, "What might a forest say if asked: 'what would you like?'" and then she penned a poem with the answers.  From spicy smells to cubs and clover, from peace and love to moist soil, and from people planting trees to children visiting often, O'Garden describes how the forest wants us to delight, observe and participate with nature.

Illustrator, Pat Schories prepared the artwork with watercolor paints on Arches Cold Press paper.  For each illustration, two paintings, one for the foreground and one for the background, were created, then scanned and combined in Photoshop.  The composite was printed onto Arches Cold Press paper, which was overpainted with watercolors.  This gives the book a very distinct and unique look.

With the poem written as it is, the list quality of each page plus the pictures makes for a merry romp of finding what is listed.  This works so well with having a conversation about the book with your child.  After the first reading, have a dialog with your child about all the different pieces.  You can ask open-ended questions, like "What's that?" or What's happening here?" and it leads your child into more interest with the book and art.

Talk about what a baby silver fox is called?  Asking questions like, "What is in the burrow?", "How many buzzing bees can you find?", or "What do you think the children will do with the rope?" helps you and your child connect and expand on a book.  Expanding on the book in this way grow your child's attention span, helps build vocabulary, and just have more fun with reading.  Children that have fun with reading will be a better reader later.
For more information about Arbor Day check the Arbor Day website here.

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