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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kinda New ...

When Blue Met Egg by Lindsay Ward
When Blue Met Egg written and illustrated by Lindsay Ward is a terrific story.  Blue is a bird that has an egg 'accidentally' show up in her nest.  (Spoiler Alert:  Pay very close attention to the kids throwing snowballs)  Blue becomes good friends with Egg and they have many fun adventures in New York City.

I'm trying to go back over 2012 and make sure I didn't miss any good picture books.  This is one that I missed and I'm glad I caught up with this title.

I really like the playful and friendly illustrations on different papers.  There are several different kinds of old papers and she uses pencil for drawing and cut paper.  There is lots of detail in the pictures and the story of the friendship between Blue and the Egg is so charming.  

Lindsay has a decent website too.  There's not a lot to do yet, but she keeps it updated and you can click on where Blue is now and see where Blue is visiting, and cut out paper dolls for Blue and Egg.
I'm sure we'll be seeing much more from Lindsay Ward.

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