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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

As if Things Weren't Unfortunate Enough...

Grumpy Goat by Brett Helquist is a terrific little tale.  Goat doesn't want to be friends with anyone, until one day when a dandelion changes everything.  

Helquist used acrylic and oil on paper to create the illustrations for this book.  The pictures show detailed expressions on the farm animals and has an abundance of energy to keep the story going.

Since Helquist is the illustrator for "The Series of Unfortunate Events", he knows how to draw cantankerous! From his blog, he explains that Grumpy Goat began with an illustration from The Series of Unfortunate Events, and he always thought there was more to the story.  This is a witty story and I love the irony that a weed brings so much joy.

I would use this in preschool Storytime or with a Kindergarten to Second grade group.  This story will bring out prediction well, and  background knowledge for students because they will probably be able to tell you what will happen after the dandelion fluff blows away.   You can clearly follow the beginning, middle, and end and students will be able to retell this story and describe the feelings involved.

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