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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Silly Goose

Look Out, Suzy Goose by Petr Horacek isn't brand new, but One Spotted Giraffe is new this year, so I thought I'd give the other titles by Horacek a try.
I simply LOVE Suzy Goose.  She is just trying to get a little peace and quiet, so she walks off by herself.  But she's not really alone.  This story has great storytelling potential with the other forest animals following Suzy.The children is Storytime today were waiting to find out what happens to Suzy.  Thankfully an owl was able to scare off the other animals.
The illustrations were done in mixed media.  It appears to be paint, crayon or pastels, with some word stamping, and scratching off some paint.  There's lots of movement, shadows, and sound in this book.  Each animal makes a walking sound, for example, Suzy's feet go flip, flop and the fox pads tiptoe, tiptoe.
Check out Horacek's blog for more details about his work and his life.
For teacher's, an idea from the Carnegie Library: after reading Look Out, Suzy Goose act it out with your class. It helps the children remember the story and become more engaged with the book. There are additional ideas about animals in the woods from that link.

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