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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Turkey book

used with permission from Lee Harper
Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano, illustrated by Lee Harper isn't totally new, but it's new to me. Published in 2009 this seriously silly turkey trot left my Storytime kids rolling with laughter.  

Turkey is in some bad trouble, the farmer is looking for him.  Turkey 
has a brilliant idea: "What if he didn't look like a turkey?  What if he looked like a horse?" The hilarity ensues as turkey tries costume after costume to look like most of the other barnyard animals.  And these are made-up costumes, for example the horse mane looks like a horse brush, and then he's wearing a tiny little saddle!  
And then turkey's most clever idea, while hiding in the garden?  Well you'll have to read it to find out if turkey successfully outwits the farmer, but I guarantee you'll love the ending!

The illustrations are rendered in watercolor on 140 pound Arches hot press watercolor paper.  I know I've heard my painting teacher tell me the difference between cold press and hot press paper, but I had to look it up again to describe it here.
"Cold press watercolor paper has texture. Little bumps and groves holds in the water and pigment. It really sucks up the water pretty quickly. Cold press is a good choice when you want to convey texture in your subject.
Hot press is super smooth. No texture with this paper. This paper doesn’t suck up the water as fast as the cold press, allowing you to play around more, like re-wetting edges of pigment.”

I like the look of the the illustrations, usually I use cold press paper, but I have used hot press and you do get a different result.  I think I need to try it more often.

One of my favorite costumes for turkey is the pig costume; looks like he used a pipecleaner for a tail!

Harper's Website says the Turkey Trouble is his second book!  I'm so impressed.  His new book Turkey Claus just came out, so if you like the first turkey book, check out the 2nd!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day!

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