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Friday, November 2, 2012

Kitten's Autumn by Eugenie Fernandes is an enchanting Fall book.  I was looking for an easy Fall book for my Storytime, one I could use with the younger 2's & 3's I was getting.   
Kitten's Autumn is short, lively, and just right for a small group.  It's a little small for big group of kids, but I highly recommend it for a parent and child to read together and discover all the fun, chunky delights.
I say chunky because the art is rendered in self-hardening clay, acrylic paint and mixed-media collage.  There are lots of interesting pieces and a great depth to the pictures.  Except for the first page, kitten is on each page.  Sometimes just a small bit of tail, but it would be great fun to have a toddler find kitten on each page.  
I can see myself sharing this and trying to think of how I would recreate the pictures with different things around the house.  I love collage and it's a joy to go over the pictures again and again to see what I've missed.
The text is rhyming and full of action. And I was sorry that the author / illustrator did not have a website.

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