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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Winner!

Oh, No! by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann is such a fun read aloud.  I used it for Storytime last week and the kids and caregivers loved it too!  It's a clever cumulative story about a hole that everyone falls into. Watch out for that tiger!

Candace Fleming has always been a storyteller.  Check her website for more about her books, she has quite a few guides for teachers and reader's theater. Try the Reader's Theater for Oh, No!  

The illustrations are relief prints made using the reduction method.  Which sounds fascinating, but I had no idea how this method is done.  I checked this website to find out.  
Eric Rohmann's website doesn't go into how he creates his art, but there are several articles about interviews with him as well as a video interview and more information about his books.

I made up this song to go with the Storytime, it is a piggyback song to "Old MacDonald".

Oh, No! adapted from Old MacDonald
In the jungle was a hole, very, very deep.
And a frog fell in that hole, very, very deep.
With a ribbit, ribbit here, and a ribbit, ribbit there,
Here a ribbit, there a ribbit, everywhere a ribbit, ribbit.
In the jungle was a hole, very, very deep.

Continue with mouse - squeaks; loris - soo-slow; sun bear - grab on; monkey - whee-haaaa!, tiger - grrr-owwwl!

Then last verse: 
In the jungle was a hole, very, very deep.
And a frog fell in, a mouse fell in, a sloth fell in, a sun bear fell in, a monkey fell in, a tiger fell in, but elephant saved them all!
In the jungle was a hole, very, very deep.

For the 'very, very deep' part I put my hands down to indicate and widen the difference between.

In September I was privileged to meet Eric Rohmann at the ALSC Institute 2012 in Indianapolis.  He was part of a Caldecott panel that spoke.  It was interesting to hear his perspective of winning the Caldecott.

Here I am with my friend Becky White and Eric Rohmann.

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