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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Those Crazy Cats

Cat Tale by Michael Hall is romp through rhyme and words.  As these cats chase words they rollick with tongue - twisty delight.
The art consists of acrylic painted textures and paper cutouts that were combine digitally.  I love how he plays with brilliant colors and shapes.
Watch a book trailer at Michael Hall's Website.

This title can be used in Preschool Storytime with the Talk! practice. 
'Talking with our children and giving them time to respond is valuable, even in a conversation consisting entirely of baby babble. This helps our children develop conversation skills. Remember that it can take young children from 5 to 12 seconds to process a question and formulate a response, so it’s really important to give them that extra time to express themselves."
Submitted by Cindy Christin, Bozeman (MT) Public Library and Tracey J., Sacramento (CA) Public Library - from Storytime Share.

I would use this with Kindergarten through 2nd grade too, talking about how the same word can be used in a different way with a new meaning.

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