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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Creatures under your feet....

Underground by Denise Fleming is the newest book by the author / illustrator and it is full of color and texture, just the way I like my books.

Fleming's obsession with the papermaking process serves her well.  Last month I had a peek into her paper pulp obsessed world when I attended the Association for Library Service to Children's Institute 2012 in Indianapolis.  She was one of 3 author / illustrators featured at the Breakfast for Bill Event this year.

Fleming's technique is created by pulp painting - a papermaking process using colored cotton fiber poured through hand-cut stencils.  Accents are added with pastel pencil and copy transfer.

Underground takes us into the under our feet world where animals dig and tunnel, making furrows around roots and work their way around, underground.  The rhyming text is as descriptively strong as is the pictures are vivid.
When you go to Denise's Website you can go through her process, there are detailed instructions, watch a Trailer for Underground, or pick an Activity from the many books (18) she's written and illustrated.

Underground is a wonderful addition to the long list of beautiful books Denise Fleming has created.  Oh, and it's just in time for next year's Summer Reading Theme: Dig Into Reading!

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