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Monday, August 27, 2012

Just Around the Corner

Awesome Autumn by Bruce Goldstone is a beautiful photo-informational book.  Bruce Goldstone is a textbook writer that lives half the year in Buenos Aires and half the year in New York City.  He's from Ohio, so he loves getting to experience two autumns a year.  
Goldstone highlights how people, animals and the plant world get ready for winter. It's a fun, fact book with activities listed in the back, and Autumn is just around the corner.
The illustrations are photo collages created with images from and 
One fascinating thing I've learned is that many times I go searching for more information on an author or illustrator, but I find that they haven't updated their pages for a year or more.  On the back flap of his latest book it suggests you check out Bruce Goldstone's website, but it doesn't have his current book on it.  So that's disappointing, but Awesome Autumn is ... well... OK... awesome.

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