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Monday, June 11, 2012

What do Animals do in the Woods?

Summer Reading Program has started and it's been crazy busy. So here's a new book.

It may not seem like an appropriate topic for a children’s blog, but the new book: Animals in the Outhouse by Anja Frohlich, illustrations by Gergley Kiss will leave you laughing.
Neither the author nor the illustrator are native North Americans, they both live in Germany, but the nature of this story is universal.
One morning the animals notice something new in the meadow; it’s an outhouse.  The new forest ranger thinks that an outhouse will help keep the smell down in the forest.  The tourists were complaining.
But the animals don’t know what to do.  You will giggle and grin at this adorable and amusing story.  Billy the bear is too big for the outhouse.  Olive the owl is baffled.  Prickly the hedgehog can’t even reach it.  Fancy the fox gets his tail in it.  Yuck!
Meet these and other forest friends as they try their best to figure out what to do with an outhouse. I love the fact that no one will want to use the TP after Prickley.  He leaves a few quills hanging around.  And of course any story with ‘poop’ in it will get rave reviews!

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