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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ducks and Socks

Duck Sock Hop by Jane Kohuth, illustrated by Jane Porter is an enjoyable tongue twister.  It's full of colorful rhyming hi-jinks when the ducks dance their socks off.  
The art appears to be created with watercolors with pen and ink and some print-making technique.  
I contacted the artist, Jane Porter, and here are her comments on her technique: "I began by sketching lots of ducks from life to get a feel for how they move and behave, then I used a stick and Indian Ink to draw the outlines. I experimented with an eraser and lino-tools to create different textures for the feathers, then put the whole thing together digitally, adding the colours in layers. The accessories like the accordion and banjo are done as paper cut outs."
This book would be great to use in preschool storytime with a clothing, dancing or duck theme.  It's a fun frolic for all!  I know some parents and children will love to use this for a duck dancing extravaganza! 
The author's website has pages to print out and a song to sing.  The illustrator's website has prints to buy.  This is Jane Porter's debut picture book; I expect to see more wonderfully entertaining books from her. 

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