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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time to Pretend

I'm Me! by Sara Sheridan, illustrations by Margaret Chamberlain is a book I'll be sharing with my nieces.  Imogen goes to see her Aunt Sara and they have a great time pretending, and just being themselves.  Each full color spread shows them pretending to be something new, an astronaut, a pirate, a princess, until they just want to be Imogen and Auntie Sara.  
Author Sara Sheridan's Website reveals this is her first picture book.  The illustrator, Margaret Chamberlain's Website shows her diversity and various works.  The illustrations for I'm Me! started with pen and ink, then they get scanned into the computer where Margaret Chamberlain uses a tablet and stylus to add color and texture.  No U.S. awards for these two.  Artist and author are residents of the UK.  But the illustrations and story are both lively and active.  I like how the foreground pictures are brighter and shinier and the background are more pastel and matte finish.

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