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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This One's for Lindsay

Shoes From Grandpa by Mem Fox, illustrated by Patricia Mullins is the perfect book for my niece Lindsay.  Grandpa wants to buy Jessie some shoes and then all the other family members want to add to her ensemble: hat, scarf, coat, blouse, skirt, etc. but in the end, it seems Jessie would just like some jeans, please!  I say this is for Lindsay because she is one lovely little girl that marches to her own beat.  She's the prissiest tomboy I've ever seen.  
The illustrations are done with torn paper collage.  It has many details, a fun rhythm (The House That Jack Built) and would be a great story to do to point out that sometimes someone else just doesn't get us.  Or we just don't get them.  
Mem Fox tells you the story behind the story here.  Also on her website she has lots of info, read aloud tips, and suggestions.  If you've never heard her speak, you can also hear her read aloud on her website.  I saw her speak at a library conference and she is an inspiring speaker.  She's one of the reasons I love children's literature so much.  She's passionate about reading to children.
Patricia Mullins picture books, listed here are a varied group of books.  She's been painting and illustrating since 1972, according to her website.

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