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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rebus, Rebus and More Rebus

Shirley Neitzel and Nancy Winslow Parker have teamed up for several rebus style, cumulative stories.  To me the most famous is The Jacket I Wear in the Snow.  But there are so many more.... The Bag I'm Taking to Gramdma's - where the young boy wants all kinds of stuff to take to grandma's house, but seems to forget his pajamas.  In The House I'll Build for the Wrens, the young boy makes a mess, but does make a popular house for the wrens. The Dress I'll Wear to the Party brings a little girl to her mom's closet to dress-up for a party.  Mom's not too happy with her final outfit, and the little girl ends up wearing her own dress and accessories.  The I'm Not Feeling Well Today is great for an I'm Sick theme for storytime.  It lists all the things to keep yourself busy on a sick day at home, but it turns out that our young friend is not as sick as he thought, but it's OK, it ends up being a snow day!  In the story Our Class Took a Trip to the Zoo, we find our young friend leaving pieces of himself all over the zoo.  And with We're Making Breakfast for Mother, it reminds me of the times we made my mom breakfast, and well, it was a bit of a mess.  I love how this ends up going out for breakfast.  All the stories with the rebus flair have a good rhythm, they rhyme and are a fun cumulative story.  They are good to fit into your storytime theme and I even want to try and make a bigger version to share with a larger group.  I go out to Kindergarten and grades 1 & 2 classes that these would work well with the classroom teacher's plans.

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