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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

African Folklore

Never Forgotten by Patricia C. McKissack, artwork by Leo & Diane Dillon is a beautiful story that tells about Mufasa who is stolen and put into slavery.  The author's note says that she put several ideas together to write this story in honor of all those that were taken from Africa, but surely were loved and lost and will not be forgotten.  The artwork is rendered in acrylic and watercolor on bristol board.  The amazing story is told in verse and shows the spirit of those that have had their life choices snatched from them, but the will and spirit is strong and does not die.  I love the 4 elements appearing in a shade lighter behind the bolder pictures of the main characters.  The illustrations show that we all have various pieces of spirit that form our character and choices. Dinga, the father follows the spirits' flow and leading and discovers with the elements helps that his son is alive and thriving despite the hardship and horror of his enslavement.  A truly wonderful story.

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