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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Wonderful Book

The Wonderful Book by Leonid Gore is well...WONDERFUL! It's a book about a book, which ends up being the book that is the book. But it's much cuter than confusing.
The illustrations are created by using watercolor and ink on textured paper. I love watercolors and I work with watercolors so this book's illustrations intrigued me. I like the ink details and wonder how the textured paper was textured. It looks like gesso brushed on then painted over, but I will have to investigate further.

This story has rich vocabulary like strutted, scampered, and comfortable. It is simple, subtle, and sweet. I can see using this for a storytime. It would open up discussion about the proper uses of a book, and the joy of sharing books and stories together.

Ways to engage readers - growl like the bear; pretend to put a book on your head like a hat (use our hands). Ask: what kind of berry is the bear snacking on? Ask the children: What do you think of the mice using the book as a table for their dinner? What is the tasty-looking flower the worm is going to bite? What was the book about?

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