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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Which Witch?

What's in the Witch's Kitchen? by Nick Sharratt is a totally fun book. There is a question: What's in the fridge in the witch's kitchen? and then you are instructed to open it right or left. One way it's a perfectly normal thing to find in the frig, but if you open it the other way - owww, yuck, it's bat's with fleas. This book takes lift-the-flap to a new level. The bold colors stand out, but what makes this a winner is the slimy, ooey-gooey, flaps. Beware, if you like toast for breakfast, you may get some crunchy hot toast or a grumpy burnt ghost. There's rhyming and silly bewitching items all over this witch's kitchen. There's a pop-up surprise ending, and although strictly not a Halloween only book, it will fit right into the Halloween collection or on the regular picture book shelves. The illustrations are digitally rendered.

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