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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Library, Day in the life

Hi all, I'm wrapping it up today. I changed my picture on my blog. I have 2 programs on Wed, a preschool storytime and a school-age storytime. Storytime for today is pretty much like last night, and the school-age program is a movie today, so it's pretty easy. Had to scramble helping others in our kidz club understand what kind of graphic thing we need. I decided to make a short video of the explanation, but our camera needs charged, so I'll put that together tomorrow and do it then. Have to get set-up for the movie, I have to hook up the dvd player to the projector and the speakers, then go to lunch. After the movie, unhook everything and clean up the popcorn mess. We'll have kool-aid and popcorn during our movie. We're showing the Bee Movie. After clean-up, I'll be on desk the rest of the day, we close at 6.

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