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Monday, July 21, 2008

Library Day in the Life

Day 4 (yes I actually skipped the weekend and did no work!!) That is good for me, usually I check email or igoogle or something. My work day is 8-5 today. 8-10 was busy with courier check-in, that's when we get our stuff back that was turned in at another branch or things from branches that someone wants to pickup here and new stuff. It wasn't too bad this morning, with 5 tubs. But drop box on Mondays is horrendous, especially when we are closed on Sat, during the summer. So I was on desk at 10, might have had a Burmese family come in, but their sponsor couldn't make it, so I didn't see them. It was just as well, it was a very busy hour, with lots of people dropping stuff off, picking something up, needing help at the public computers or a reference question. The reference question was about a topic I've never heard of, and I find that so interesting about library work. Especially when I work in a very diverse part of town, low income area, but diverse. I do find it a tad irritating when the person opts to not even look at the book on the subject and only wants to read the short articles I find. But I know when it comes to a report, you just don't have time to read everything. I checked my igoogle, email and regular mail during the 11 o'clock hour. I found Stephen Abram's sharing on his blog about learning to be pretty true for me. Maybe it's a librarian thing. I have some kidz club posters to check over, so better go for now. The rest of my day is 12 on desk, 1 -lunch, 2-4 off desk, so I'll have some time to pull Storytime together for Tues and Wed. then on desk again at 4 til 5, and then go home! I may stay over a little today, I want to make sure all my fall programs are entered in our e-vents calendar and all the posters and flyers are ordered.


Becca said...

I notice you are in Indiana...and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog posts from this "Day in the Life" segment. I am currently working in a public library as a reference assistant and am about to start my MLS degree this Fall. While I am excited, I still have some decisions to make as to which area of interest I will take. My 2 main interests are for academic librarianship and school media librarianship. While the two are VERY different, I'm looking for some pros and cons...or any other insight from current employed librarians. I'm beginning to lean more toward the Academic field, but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Keep the great posts coming!
Becca in Indiana

diannaburt said...

I don't know if I could say much about academic, I've never worked anywhere but in a public library. But I have worked in a school. My B.S. is in Elementary Education and I taught for 2 years and substitute for more years and I love working with kids. It's the combination of working with kids and children's literature. If you don't know if you like kids, better volunteer. Find out if you can take it. They are not always easy to work with, well actually I think the kids are great, it's the parents and other adults that I find harder to deal with. Also, my take on a school is lots of politics, lots going on. I do have teachers and media specialists come in and I enjoy working with them, but they are very demanding. I'm sure there are pros and cons for each area. But maybe you could job shadow or something like that. I went to IU, and if you can talk to Danny Callison at IU, he's the school media guru, you'd get a terrific point of view and he's been teaching at IU for a long time, and could really give you some pointers there too. I'll see if I can find his email.

diannaburt said...

Hi Becca, you can reach Danny Callison at Whew, that wasn't hard! You'd think I could remember that?! ;)