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Friday, July 18, 2008

Library Day in the Life

Day 3 I worked 9-6. When I got in, the others had all the morning check-in done, so I worked on my storytime box crafts. It ran out and I need to replace them. I bought little matchbox like cars and play dough and my idea is to make a bug racer. By using the play dough you mold a bug on the car and it goes with Catch the Reading Bug theme and my race car theme. I wasn't going to paint it, but just mold it. The other 2 ideas I came up with quickly was decorate your own race car; it's a paper template, and design your own license plate, that I made a template for. Everything is in a box and ready to go to the next branch. Then we did preschool crafts: Make a foam butterfly and Make a Star picture frame. We had 6 for that. Then I worked on my kidz club stuff again. I'm putting together 2 topics, Blast Off! - about space and aliens, and Build It! - about building things. We received our banners from oriental trading. I measured what size our cards will be and emailed that to the other members. We are designing a card for each topic, the kids can decoreat the banner and add a card (and decorate it) each time they come to a kidz club. They also get to pick out a paperback book(thank goodness for grants), and we made up kidz club buttons. (well Nancy and Jo did). I looked online for some graphic ideas, then went to lunch. I got to finish my teashop mystery book! Checked email and went back to the kidz club stuff after that. It took awhile to figure out what I wanted for my design, I consulted my manager, because my brain was going numb and she gave me a great idea for the build it theme. And I used basic clipart for the space theme. I might use foam shapes for that, but I'll have to wait until next week. Been on desk the wrap the day up!

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