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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Library Day in the Life

Day 2 - working 9-6 today. My day is like this: made a desk schedule, that is who should be on the public desk and when. Did the weekly cash register, copier deposit. Checked our kidz club posters and brochures mock-ups for typos, etc. Communicated to graphic artist my color preferences. Time for a break - a little chai tea. Checked email, answered a couple of those. Now I'm back to working on putting my programs into the library's events calendar and ordering advertisement flyers, posters, etc. I've been back-up person for the public desk, but it's been quiet so I've gotten a lot done. I'll have lunch at 1, I might even get a whole hour today, and I want to read my latest teashop mystery by Laura Childs. After lunch I'll be on desk from 3-4 and then at 4 I'm going to run over to a local store to buy some crafty stuff for my storytime box. We are a system of 13 branches and a main library, so we share our themes during the summer, so we only have to put together 1 whole theme. But my theme: Vroom, Vroom (a race car theme) ran out of crafts, it must have been popular! So then I had to ask our Branch youth services coordinator to run me through a purchase order so I could go pick up something in town, there's not enough time to order the original stuff, from Oriental Trading. That will take up the rest of my day, because they close at 5, I'll just go home from there, because it will take me 20 min there and back. Not worth coming back to the branch. And we have a floater because another staff person is on vacation. Whewwwww, I do ramble don't I?


Bobbi Newman said...

A cars craft program does sound like fun, no wonder it was popular. Doesn't OTC have the best stuff?

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing Day in the Life stories!